Can My Facebook Business Page Replace My Website?

Facebook Like LogoDo you really need a website for your small business given the popularity of Facebook business pages? I understand why small business owners would be tempted with ditching their websites and just using Facebook for the online presence: websites are expensive and Facebook is free, the Facebook interface is easy to use and is hugely popular. All of these things can be true HOWEVER, there are a number of good reasons that relying solely on Facebook could negatively impact your small business marketing.

1. The control is in your hands.

Anyone that has used Facebook knows how frustrating Facebook policy changes can be. Ultimately, Facebook makes decisions that best suit it’s own business objectives. With your own website you have full control of the content and it’s presentation to best serve your clients, customers, and business objectives.

2. Facebook is big but Google is bigger.

700 million users visit Google everyday and perform searches for products and services. And the best way for those users to find you is through your own website. Google does not do a good job indexing Facebook pages. Our experience time and time again is that business owners who go the Facebook ONLY route are no where to be found for keyword searches.

3. Never to return again.

Keep in mind that once a Facebook user visits and likes your business page most likely they will NEVER come back to your page again. Their interaction with you and your business will solely happen via your news stream. So all the infrastructure and information you build into your Facebook page will be largely unused. From our experience, when Facebook users want to find out more information about your business they go to your website. This bears itself out in Google Analytics where we see Facebook consistently as a top referrer back to the business website.


Of course, there are things that Facebook does brilliantly and we wouldn’t recommend killing your Facebook business page, but, Facebook ONLY isn’t a solution for your web presence. The best strategy is ALWAYS a multi-channel approach anchoring all your efforts with a well built and informative website.

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